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Active listening


Simple messages


Real connections
- The art of communication

Learn the psychology of people

What do senior leaders really want?

Learn how to communicate to senior leaders

Hype Music Label

Jerome needs to communicate expanding his record label to Latin America

Help Adam give feedback to Steve 

Using the Situation, Behaviour, Impact (SBI) learn how to give feedback

Emotions are running high!

See how Hannah communicates a regulatory change impacting her team

2 step hack to agree a decision

Learn how to use WHY and HOW to get people on the same page

Can empathy be wrong?

How should Adewale communicate Moat's decision to invest in smart meters?

A crackdown or a great decision?

Learn how Alicia at Netflix should communicate a recent major decision

Can they win back their customers?

Why did their customers turn against them? Advise how they can win their loyalty

Being authentic in the face of pressure

Learn how to stay true to your values even when others around you aren't