Crossover Programme
Keynote Speakers

Share your insights with a passionate community
who are changing the world

Some guidance:

Here is some useful information before applying:

  • Each talk should aim to last for 20 minutes
  • Please check your availability and select the appropriate session
  • You can also suggest a new session that isn't listed
  • We ask for your content around 1 week prior to the event 
  • We will contact successful applicants to help you prepare for your webinar and provide further information 
  • You may be on a panel with other members
  • The audience will include Learning & Development professionals e.g. HR leaders, talent managers, L&D specialists
    They will value content from a HE perspective, and you should include how it can be applied in the context of training 
    employees. Someone from Metron will help you in this process.
Applications close on 31st January 2024

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I've been wanting to learn how to code for years, but never knew where to start. This ebook was the perfect guide to get me started. The explanations were clear and easy to follow, and the examples were practical and relevant. I'm now able to write my own code and even build my own website!

Sarah Parker

Beginner coder
I'm a student studying computer science, and this ebook was the perfect complement to my coursework. The explanations were clear and concise, and the exercises and examples helped me reinforce what I learned in class. This ebook is a must-have for anyone looking to learn programming.

Emily Doe

Computer science student
I was skeptical at first about learning to code through an ebook, but this one proved me wrong. The layout and design were visually appealing, and the content was engaging and informative. I especially appreciated the real-world scenarios and exercises that helped me apply what I learned. 

John Williams

Self-taught coder