Scienced backed training

Research shows that if you think differently, you behave and act differently. Cognitive Learning is based on this principle and we have developed our own model using this approach. 
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Our model helps managers

#Unlearn | #Relearn


Our unique model for cognitive learning

  Redefined key concepts

Managers told us that the current training offered elsewhere is "buzzwordy" and goes over their heads. To ease cognitive load we've meticulously redefined key business and management terms. 

  Using coaching language

Our online content are written by expert storytellers to help reframe managers thinking while they are learning. 

  Uses graphical metaphors

Taking someone out of their context into a more familiar or fun environments can assist transfer learning from working memory into the short term memory.

Our evidence informed learning model is based on cognitive learning theory.

You'll develop mental maps and techniques that you can recall rapidly and apply easily.