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We help managers transform into future leaders to deliver amazing experiences for both service users, customers, and their teams


All-in-one Platform

I felt so alone and was in such a rough place. It was impacting my personal life. I couldn’t sleep at night. There were no other managers I could speak to.
— IT Lead
The leap to a manager … was on a bigger scale. Most managers in my organisation aren’t prepared for this and weren’t given any induction or support when we started.
— Housing Manager
I needed support to let go of my previous role, which was more hands on, to move up into a leadership [role] which was more about language and psychology.
— Customer Services Manager

Our mission

We want to see a difference in society and a kinder world. With managers who possess the skills and self-belief to match and who can drive positive change in their organisations.


We raise awareness of challenges managers face so that organisations can better equip managers to play their role, have rewarding careers, and contribute to their organisation's mission.


A range of programmes to support managers and organisations alike at different points of a manager's journey. We use science-backed cognitive learning and have a 95% pass rate.

Digital platform

We have an all in one digital learning platform with a variety of ways for managers to learn - from a podcast with expert 2 min tips, to 5 minute mini stories crafted by our expert storytellers, to certified courses!

We understand the lived experience of managers

Managers make a huge difference to the lives of service users, customers and colleagues by being in conversations and decisions non-managers aren't. Whether that's a manager in a hospital saving lives or a social media app connecting people. 

But our research shows that we are losing out on huge leadership potential because of several factors:
  • Poor understanding of manager challenges
  • Bad onboarding and training for managers
  • Lack of "transition"
    support into management
  • Outdated content that
    doesn't speak to managers

What makes us different

Here are 3 ways our approach is different:

Co-designed with top managers

We are in touch with real managers needs. So 50% of our design team are middle managers, 50% senior executives
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Transition specialists

We've identified the 5 "Big Leap" Transition Challenges with solutions at different stages of the manager journey
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Science-backed solutions at scale

Using cognitive learning and our digital solutions with a variety of ways to learn, we bring managers everything in one place
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Tailored solutions for different stages of your career

Leap Induction Certificate

With only 23% of managers saying they were taught what it means to be a manager before they become one this Essential Kit will make you more prepared!

Mini Exec Certificate

For experienced middle managers who want to develop new skills and the confidence to drive major change in their organisations and make big waves!


Access to our 6 in 1 platform with access to a range of short courses and a variety of ways to learn including our mini stories 

Powerful technology + human help

Learn totally free with all access account!
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Are you an employer?

Choose from one of 3 plans
 Includes live sessions
 Achieve and measure results
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Some feedback from our students

We are dedicated to empowering you with knowledge, skills, and confidence.

“Well structured”

Anne Rosine

“Great case studies"

syed amir

“Highly interactive content"

David jones
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Buzzword-free learning for modern managers

For new and experienced managers who are tired of courses full of outdated jargon. 
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Become a modern manager

No buzzwords

Learn 100 new and simple concepts we've designed without the faff and complicated jargon

Talk confidently

Confidently communicate with not only your team but a range of audiences 

Do business

A manager's role is to achieve an organisation's goals. Think big picture with business skills.

Designed and built for every manager

Video interactions, note-taking, interactive ebooks, self-assessment, certificates, and much more.

New to management?

Take our Leap Induction for New Managers, meet others new to the role like you and take our exercises.

Want to step  up?

Think like senior managers with our Mini Exec Certificate accredited by the Institute of Leadership!

The complete manager: Zero to Mastery

We help you become a people pro and a business pro to become a complete manager. With us you understand what changes when you become a manager. We call these "big leaps". 
  • The #1 Course to Land a Job in Design
  • All necessary tools are included
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Practise with Mini Stories

In under 5 minutes gain management and leadership skills by completing our modern        Mini Stories 
Normal text.
4 min
Normal text.
5 min
Normal text.
5 min
Large text.
4 min
Large text.
4 min
Large text.
4 min

Check your language and improve your phrases

Check your language and phrases when you give feedback or are speaking to different audiences, so you can communicate compassionately and confidently.
  • Revise your tone
  • Give balanced feedback
  • Talk the management lingo 

What our learners say

Metron's courses are .
L Collis
The case studies are really modern, and the definitions and toolkits are really easy to understand.
Success rate
Years of experience


9 out of 10 learners use what they've learnt with us in their job

I've completed Metron's courses. They made me think differently about my workload, and how I manage my team. 

Lisa Collis
Continuous Improvement Manager

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to pay for anything?

All the content on our Free Access Plan is totally free. We've taken the time to create these amazing courses and tools to help managers and emerging leaders.

Do I get a certificate for FREE online courses?

Yes! You will get a certificate of completion PLUS a digital badge! You'll need to complete all course contents. 

What if I have more questions that are not answered here? 

You can contact us from your account dashboard once you log in, or email us at [email protected].
Future learning

Unforgettable learning experiences!

Video content
Course player
Video content
Video content
Video content
Video content
Video content
Video content
Video content
Video content
Video content
Video features

Re-imagine learning with video


Our videos are divided into sections to offer you an easy and lightning-fast navigation.


We boost your understanding by showing an interactive transcript that is automatically extracted from our videos. We make our videos more accessible and much easier to navigate.


Questions, titles, pointers, overlay images, links and a lot more interactions to our videos! We make them more vivid and engaging.
Powerful studying

Beautiful course player

Lots of learning activities

We offer you a banch of learning activities. Video, ebooks, quizzes, certificates, exams and a lot more. An awesome interactive learning experience!

Flexible pathways

You can navigate freely or sequentially. Courses can also be delivered with drip feed.

Reading with note taking

Multiple ways of adding notes and highlights. We help you improve your scanning and reading strategies.
Lots of questionnaires

A sophisticated testing engine

Assignments for every need

Improve your confidence with self-improvement quizzes, formal tests, file assignments, and certificates to prove newly acquired skills.

Question banks

We have huge pools of questions connected to multiple courses and tests. All you need for secure, randomized tests for continuing education (CE) and certification programs.

Branded digital certificates

Take awards of our own digital certificates! Showcase their competencies at the end of your learning adventure.