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Transition to a leader

Discover your identity

Learn about yourself so you can unleash the best version of yourself. Use our diagnostic tools to discover if your strategist or executionist, a seller or a participator, or situationally aware. All to help you become a better leader.

Learn about leadership challenges

Using 100 mini stories written by our expert storytellers, managers learn lessons from the modern business world and apply it to your company.
  • 5 minutes bite-sized learning! 
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Apply in the workplace

Use best practice

Simple yet impressive visual templates to help you make that successful presentation to your client or internal team.
    Communicate priorities
    Report on progress
    Visualise performance

Communicate effortlessly

Using our language techniques and over 100 key phrases managers learn how to communicate compassionately and confidently to different audiences 
  • Revise your tone
  • Give balanced feedback
  • Talk the lingo with industry phrases
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High quality interactive content, you'll wonder why it's free! We want to help as many managers as possible upskill.
  • Access to ALL FREE courses
  • 10 infographics
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High quality interactive content, you'll wonder why it's free! We want to help as many managers as possible upskill.
  • Everything in FREE plan
  • Access to premium courses
  • Over 50 mini case studies
  • 20 infographics


High quality interactive content, you'll wonder why it's free! We want to help as many managers as possible upskill.
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  • Over 100 mini case studies
  • 20 self assessment tools
  • 50 Video tips from top managers
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Practice case studies

Enjoy flexibility and variety of apply your skills from case studies to multiple choice questions
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All our content is visually stimulating and interactive to keep you engaged

Some feedback from our students

We are dedicated to empowering you with knowledge, skills, and confidence.

“Well structured”

I can't believe this course is free. Release more! The content on the defining projects course is well structured. I enjoyed the Netflix case study.
Anne Rosine

“I've not seen content like this"

I can apply this stuff tomorrow at work. The [strategic thinking] course helped me see that I focus too quickly on execution. I've not seen content like this.
syed amir

“I'm a lot more confident”

I didn't know what to expect from the free course but its high quality with great designs. I'm a lot more confident after the leadership techniques course
David jones
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Do I need to pay for anything?

No! All the content you see on this page is totally free. We've taken the time to create these amazing courses and tools to help managers and emerging leaders.

Do I get a certificate for FREE online courses?

Yes! You will get a certificate of completion PLUS a digital badge! You'll need to complete all course units as completed. 

What if I have more questions that are not answered here? 

You can contact us from your account dashboard once you log in, or you can contact us at the details in the "want a quick chat?" section above

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