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For Managers

All-in-one digital hub. Co-designed by top managers and senior executives.
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Content that "speaks" to managers

Our content has been designed by top managers who understand the transition needed, and informed by senior executives with big picture mindsets.
    Pioneering new concepts
    Simpler ways of understanding organisations
    Easy to think and act like a leader

Interactive online courses

Unlocking managers skills with bespoke courses designed to help managers drive your company forward.
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On-the-go learning

With a variety of ways to learn from quizzes to case studies and courses, now managers can learn on the go!

Ultimate Mini Exec programme

Accredited by the Institute of Leadership, we help your managers transition into empowered leaders, or as we like to say, mini executives! 

Learning Outcomes 
 Make your role your own and learn to be accountable
 Become a leader who is compassionate, strategic and commercial
 Drive department or company-wide change
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Learn to lead in the real world

Using 100 mini stories written by our expert storytellers, managers learn lessons from the modern business world and apply it to your company.
  • 5 minutes bite-sized learning! 
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Apply in the workplace

Communicate effortlessly

Using our language techniques and over 100 key phrases managers learn how to communicate compassionately and confidently to different audiences 
  • Revise your tone
  • Give balanced feedback
  • Talk the lingo with industry phrases
Easy as one, two, three

Choose your plan


For smaller companies who need affordable but high quality content for  managers 
  • 12 courses
  • 50 employees
  • Digital certifications and badges


For medium sized companies who need variety and additional tools for their growing teams of managers.
  • Everything in Starter Plan
  • FULL Platform Access
  • Single Sign On
  • Mini Exec programme
  • Up to 200 employees
  • 4x Live Workshops
  • 5x Seat Managers
  • Analytic Reports
  • Custom case studies


For larger companies who want to compliment our content with their own  to develop their managers
  • Everything in Pro Plan
  • Up to 500 employees
  • 7x Live Workshops
  • Instructor access
  • Create own tests
  • Upload own content
  • Schedule own live sessions

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Build HiPOs

Train your high potential and high performing staff  to become leaders

Create empowered staff

Trust your staff to deliver key business projects with our commercial training

De-risk business

We train your managers to understand their operating environment 

Achieve faster execution 

Using Cognitive Learning we simplify skills and concepts for managers to rapidly recall and implement at work

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between your "courses" and the "platform"?

Our courses are just one way we help managers. Our Platform contains the courses along with five other ways for employees to learn including Expert Tips, 100 Mini Stories and templates. 

We need to support more than 500 employees

We'd be delighted to discuss your needs please complete the form below or schedule a meeting above.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes! While most companies charge a fixed period we believe in offering flexibility. We are also always innovating to ensure you never feel you need to leave. But if you do, you can cancel at any time. You will be charged for the remainder of the month in which you cancel and you won't be charged after that.

Will our employees still receive certifications if we cancel?

We advise that you ask your employees to complete their learning and download their certificates beforehand. But don't worry, we'll help if you get stuck and can provide back access to your employees certificates.

Still want to learn more?

Get in touch and let us know how we can help you elevate your managers skills to achieve amazing business results. 
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Train your managers to become leaders

We will boost your managers confidence, and help them deliver business and cultural change.