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Crossover leverages Metron's expertise to curate research-backed techniques from Higher Education that can be used by L&D professionals to design and measure learning programmes.
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Our mission

To support and accelerate a research culture within the L&D profession to deliver demonstrable impact for learners and organisations
Higher Education is the bedrock for advancing new theories and techniques to design learning programmes or "interventions" that have a demonstratable impact on learner outcomes.

These are research-based, tested with rigorous hypotheses, research methodologies, data sets, and are published in rigorous peer-reviewed journals whose job it is to disseminate proven techniques. 

A number of emerging approaches in L&D already have a rich evidence base in Higher Education such as brain-based or cognitive learning, inclusive learning, and immersive practice.

What's more, there are many other approaches from Higher Education that L&D colleagues are missing out on! Don't worry, Crossover has curated these for you!

We crossover this knowledge from L&T in Higher Education (shorthand for Learning and Teaching) into the L&D space. 


Research driven techniques
Discover carefully curated research-driven techniques from higher education, and learn how they can be applied in L&D. Build your knowledge, language and toolkits.
Meet colleagues and network
Meet expert academic researchers and practitioners from higher education as well as L&D to share ideas and techniques. Build your connections and find a new peer community!
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Everything in our Crossover programme is currently free! Take advantage of high value and premium content.

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My Brain & Me

21st February 2024

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