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  • Project management 
  • Risk
  • HR
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Options Analysis

Show your manager you've thought of different solutions to the same problem

Present to Future State

To help you communicate to your team what is changing when you make a major decision

Email approval for an idea

Communicate your idea simply to your manager via an email


Update on a Project

To help you tell the story about how your project is getting on

Get a Project Approved

To help you communicate why you need a project to your manager

Project GANTT Chart

An excel template to help you track the completion and timings of tasks


Development plan

For when you need to help develop your staff member 

Job Description

A useful template on what a good job description looks like

New hire proposal

A proposal template to suggest hiring new staff to your manager


Risk profile template

A risk profile for your team or department's business activity

Risk heat map

A visual representation of risk profile in the form of a map
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