Leap Induction Certificate

Get off to the best start possible by learning the basics of being manager and become a rockstar!
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  • 2 hours live

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Who is it for?

The course is for new managers who have joined in the last 3 months. You can be a manager at any level but ideally you will be making waves as a middle manager or contributing an important objectives of your department of organisation as a whole.

Programme outcomes


Understand the role of a manager

Common myths / why you're asked to be accountable / how to empower yourself


Identify the 5 common challenges in transitioning to a manager

Stories of Samantha and Imran / 5 common challenges e.g. having tough conversations


Relate your role to your company’s mission

How to achieve your organisation's goals / how organisations operate


Create your own management action plan

First 30 days / 3 Types of Employees / how to form new habits / strengths and development areas



2 hours online

Study a module to get you started on the role of a manager with interactive quizzes

2 hours live workshop

These take place every 3 months so that you can join other likeminded managers just like you

Enjoy your role!

You'll be more confident to start your role in your organisation, knowing the basics of being a manager.

How the Leap Induction can help

The leap to a manager … was on a bigger scale. Most managers in my organisation aren’t prepared for this and weren’t given any induction or support when we started.
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Housing Provider
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