A leader can be great in one environment, but poor in another. Learn how to thrive in any environment!
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Who is it for?

Are you finding you're less on the ground doing stuff, and relying more on others to achieve results? Are you in a more strategic role and thinking, "how do I motivate people without doing their job for them"? Then this is the course for you!

Though anyone can study this course and learn about leadership, it is ideally for managers and senior managers who are stepping up into leadership roles in their organisation.

Course syllabus 


Understand your leadership style against 4 leadership types

Impact of people's experience on business outcomes / 4 leadership styles / situational leadership / Metron's leadership "stretch" factors


Apply your leadership to reach a shared vision

6 factors that prevent a shared vision /  3 steps for creating a shared vision /  3 techniques to empower your team while still ensuring accountability


Practise leadership techniques in different situations 

Mini examples using different leadership styles of directing, selling, coaching, telling
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Leaders don't "do", they influence, and achieve results through others. Learn how to inspire people!