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78% of managers feel unprepared for

what they call the "leap" into management. They report being "left alone to get on with it". Based on our "big Leap" research we've identified 5 Leap or Transition Challenges managers face. We support anyone involved in training managers (e.g. HR and L&D professionals) to embed these 5 challenges into their manager development programmes.

The Fund Launches 15th Feb 2024!

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Scholarship Fund

To support 1,000 managers in 2024, we are launching a Scholarship Fund of £30,000 on 15th February 2024.
  • Open to anyone, anywhere in the world
  • Covers all programme fees
  • Nominations from employers accepted
  • Terms and conditions apply
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Only 23% of managers receive an induction

that helps them understand the role of a manager. This has significant impact for example contributing to 66% of managers losing significant confidence after their first year as a manager. That's why've designed the Leap Induction so no manager is left feeling they can't cope.


Our ultimate solution which embeds the 5 Transition Challenges managers face and is accredited by the Institute of Leadership. We've designed this to support organisations and managers.

What's covered?

  • 6 skills modules
  • Fully online plus optional live workshops
  • Free 1 year membership with Institute of Leadership


Management training is seen as outdated and buzzwordy by 66% of managers.

They say current training doesn't relate to the current challenges they face nor speak in their language. We've listened and responded with new digital content which we've "translated" into language that managers understand. This includes over 100 key management techniques and phrases.


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