Fuelling new learning

Brain-based learning

Wednesday, 21st February 2024
1.00-2.00pm, GMT (UK)

What we'll cover

We design amazing learning programmes, but real change can be slow and frustrating, right? Discover how you can create safe learning spaces with mind-based learning techniques. Deliver L&D programmes that help employees change their mindset "real time".

Whether that's being more customer focused or appreciating why it's important to give positive feedback.
  •   What are safe learning spaces and mind-based learning?
  • How can it help you develop your employees to retain information and put it into practice?

  •   Get 2x case studies and 5x brain-based learning methods to apply your learning programmes

Who is it for?

For learning and design managers, instructional designers, learning architects. 

Our Special Guest Speaker

Joining Metron CEO Saad Qureshi this week is Craig Ruddock, an educational strategist and Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, a form of mind-based coaching. 

He advocates for the importance of "safe learning spaces" like psychological safety in the workplace. He delivers large scale behaviour, cultural and business change programmes.

His approach to learning and development combines pedagogical insights with creative practices, ensuring educational initiatives resonate and lead to sustainable success.  

With a rich background in quality assurance and teaching excellence, Craig brings a wealth of knowledge from his roles in strategic planning and project management.

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