The Chameleon Leader

Dec 11 / Saad Qureshi
In the ever-changing landscape of business, effective leadership requires the ability to adapt and evolve. Just as a chameleon seamlessly blend into any surrounding, leaders must be able to tailor their approach to suit different situations and individuals. This ability to morph into multiple roles can be both challenging and rewarding.

The Challenges of Adapting

The key challenge lies in the complexity of understanding and responding to diverse personalities. It can be exhausting and effectively means you need to have different skillsets and "suits" that you can wear depending on the situation or person. 

Each individual has their own unique set of communication preferences, expectations, and motivations. A leader must be able to decipher these nuances and tailor their approach accordingly.

Another major challenge of being a chameleon leader is the potential for feeling inauthentic. When constantly shifting between different personas, it can be difficult to maintain a sense of self. This can lead to internal conflict and a feeling of being disconnected from one's true identity.

Remain Authentic Despite Adaptation

Despite these challenges, there are ways for leaders to navigate the complexities of adaptation while still maintaining their authenticity.

Here are three key strategies:
• Focus on The Objective: While it can feel like every situation is different, see the one constant factor being the outcome you want to achieve. Whether that's rolling out new features on a mobile app or improving your compliance ratings. Then it's just about helping people with different personalities understand how to achieve this outcome.

Focus on Core Values: Identify the core values that guide your leadership style. This could be to be honest, while being customer focused. These values should remain consistent regardless of the situation or person you are interacting with. By staying true to these principles, you can maintain a sense of authenticity while adapting to different circumstances.
• Seek Feedback and Self-Awareness: Regularly seek feedback from colleagues, mentors, and team members. This feedback can help you identify areas where you may be unconsciously adapting your leadership style in ways that conflict with your core values or authentic self.
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Case Study: The Multifaceted Leader

Consider the example of Sarah, a marketing manager for a health tech company. In her role, she interacts with a wide range of stakeholders, including engineers, designers, and executives. Each group has its own unique communication style and expectations. Someone on her design team also has dyslexia and needs time to digest information. 

When interacting with engineers, Sarah takes a more technical approach, using jargon and diagrams to align with their expertise. With designers, she focuses on creativity and collaboration, fostering an open exchange of ideas. And when dealing with executives, she adopts a more strategic and results-oriented approach, emphasising the impact of marketing campaigns on the company's bottom line.

With Ali who has dyslexia, Sarah is inclusive and speaks to him in advance of a team meeting to seek his opinion so he has time to reflect on his thoughts.

Sarah's ability to seamlessly transition between these different personas is key to her success as a leader. It is incredibly exhausting for her but she thoroughly enjoys seeing people's excitement.

She remains authentic by staying true to her core values of empathy, collaboration, and inclusivity. She also seeks feedback from her team members to ensure that her adaptability does not come at the expense of her genuine personality.


While being a chameleon leader can be challenging, it is also an essential skill for navigating the complexities of modern business.

By focusing on core values, seeking feedback, understand their team members needs, and developing self-awareness, leaders can adapt their approach without compromising their authenticity.

This ability to blend into different situations and connect with people from diverse backgrounds is what makes great leaders truly effective.

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