How Strategic Debating Competitions Could Empower Managers

Dec 11 / Metron
In the fast-paced business world, managers are constantly faced with strategic decisions that can significantly impact their organisations. These decisions often involve complex arguments, compelling presentations, and the ability to effectively communicate complex ideas.

To equip managers with these essential skills, companies can leverage the power of strategic debating competitions. Through a unique role play method, it can take managers out of their comfort zone, while also providing a safe space to begin seeing themselves in a different, more strategic and influential light.

Just as mooting and mock trials are used to train law students and fresh lawyers, strategic debating competitions offer a practical and engaging way for fresh managers to hone their strategic argumentation skills. 

Benefits of Strategic Debating Competitions for Managers

Critical Thinking and Argumentation Skills: Managers develop the ability to analyse complex business problems, identify key issues, and construct persuasive arguments.
• Effective Communication and Presentation Skills: Managers hone their ability to communicate complex ideas clearly, concisely, and persuasively to both internal and external stakeholders.
Resilience and Confidence: Managers learn to handle pressure, adapt to unexpected challenges, and present themselves with poise and confidence under pressure. They get to experiment without worrying about their job.
Teamwork and Collaboration: Managers collaborate with colleagues to develop and present joint arguments, fostering a collaborative spirit and shared understanding.
How to Set Up Strategic Debating Competitions:
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How to Set Up Strategic Debating Competitions

• Topic Selection: Identify relevant strategic issues facing the company, both internally and externally, to provide a realistic context for the debates.
Team Formation: Divide participants into teams of 2-4 members, encouraging diverse perspectives and expertise.
Research and Preparation: Allocate adequate time for research and preparation, for staff to learn about the company's goals, speak to internal and external stakeholders, etc.

Competition Structure: Design a clear and structured competition format, including rounds, judging criteria, and feedback sessions.
External Engagement: Invite external experts or senior leaders to judge the debates and provide valuable insights.
Knowledge Sharing and Feedback: Encourage knowledge sharing and feedback sessions among participants to consolidate learning and identify areas for improvement.


Strategic debating competitions offer a dynamic and effective way to enhance the strategic argumentation skills of managers. 

By equipping them with these essential skills, companies can empower their leaders to make informed decisions, navigate complex business environments, and contribute to the overall success of the organisation.

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